• Hansae Co., Ltd. exports 300 million articles of clothing per year from 12 corporations in 6 countries.

  • Manufacturing

    International clothing production corporation

    Among 12 global production corporations in 6 countries that are at the center of Hansae's competitiveness, we produce the best finished clothing products at a reasonable price through C/O appropriate strategy for each country.

    Global fabric production corporation
    C&T VINA

    We merged with C&T VINA in 2013 to a build vertically consistent production structure and expanded to fabric dyeing and processing field to support material development.
    With a 7 year history and outstanding technology, C&T VINA continuously expanded facilities to produce 120,000kg of dyed fabric per day.
    We have since become more competitive with C&T VINA's outstanding fabric development and production abilities.

    Quality Assurance
    QA (Quality Assurance)

    We gain buyer's trust through our Self Inspection Program(SIP) for high quality and rapid supply of fabric and finished products.
    QA managers at each location continuouly elevate skills at educational and training sites by applying Hansae Standard for Quality Management and Improvement.

  • International Business and Trade

    We became Korea's best clothing export company with a total of 60,000 people, including 780 employees in our Seoul headquarters and 35,000 workers in global manufacturing.

    Renowned American, European and Asian fashion brands, SPA brands, and many international discount stores are partnered with Hansae Co. Ltd.
    Finished products manufactured in 12 corporations in Vietnam, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Myanmar and Haiti are being exported to the US (the biggest consumer of clothing) and other countries.

    Past 5 years export history

    Research and Development

    Hansae Co., Ltd. utilized R&D in 2000s and endeavored to improve ourselves beyond the OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and ODM (original design manufacturing) fields.

    R&D centers in Seoul and New York have designers focusing on design and fabric development, while Hansae is becoming the fastest company to absorb international fashion trends by diversifying design and fabric sourcing.


    New York Office

    The New York Office on 34th street known as 'Fashion Street', has been the Design Center of Hansae Co., Ltd. since 2008.
    The establishment of New York Office linked the R&D headquarters and the United States in order to strengthen the design field and rapidly respond to buyer's requests, and confirm our position as a leading ODM company.